Day Care Rates

One Adult Dog- over One year

• $20 per Day for Adult Dogs (Day Care)
• $30 per Overnight Stay for Adult Dogs

Two Dog Rates- over One Year

• $35 per Day for Two Adult Dogs (Day Care)
• $55 per Overnight Stay for Two Adult Dogs

Feel free to bring your dog's bedding, toys, or food to make sure he or she feels as comfortable as possible. Audrey will adhere to your pet's feeding and medication schedule as well. It is recommended that you bring something from home that way your pet can have your scent near them.


Audrey's Doggie Day Care's goal is to make each owner feel safe and comfortable about leaving his or her pet in the care of someone else. Your pup will not be lonely while you are away, and it is impossible for a dog not to have fun during their stay with Audrey. During the summer, Audrey provides your canine companion with dog pools so they can cool off in the hot Arizona sun. If you are planning a trip, please make your reservations early to avoid any issues. 

Please call to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Note that ALL dogs *MUST* have their current shots!

Contact Audrey's Doggie Day Care in Tempe, Arizona, to book a day of fun for your furry companion.

Why Animals & People love us!



Susan T

Gigi Loved her experience after her Week Stay. Very loving and great dog environment... She was so excited even before we arrive at this Doggy Resort... Would highly RECOMMEND to any dog Owner !!

Tatiana A

Mrs. Audrey has been taking care of my Coquito. She goes for day care to play and has lots of fun. She has stayed overnight and she is well-taken care off. Mrs. Audrey is very accommodating about the schedule (early in the morning) . She takes care of my doggie like she is her own. I highly recommend Mrs. Audrey.

Janna M

I have been Blessed for finding Audrey to take care of my 2 dog kidz when I move from California. I can tell that both of them are so excited everytime I drop them off in the morning. On the days I don't take them to Audrey’s I know that they get so bored in the house and once I say to them “We’re going to Audrey's house to see your friends ”they get sooo hyped up!! But it's not only Audrey's daycare that's really a blessing. When I go on my business trips and leave the dog kidz to spend the nights with her, I definitely have the peace of mind that they are being cared for in a home environment and not just in a kennel! I totally recommend Audrey to everyone I know who has a small breed dog both for daycare and boarding. Not only my dog kids have an enjoyable stay there each time, but I also gained a friend whom I can really trust with my precious babies!

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